Supporting Local Bamboo

To cater for various types of bamboo supporters,

we offer 3 types of membership to cater for everyone

For students and our fan club

Free membership! Aweh!

For students and fan club who are excited to be informed of BambuSSA events and special training offers.

Free, mahala, zulch, Niks Class III membership. Also nada, nil, geen vote on BambuSSA matters.

Awesome Sideline Patrons

R55 Monthly or R550 Annually

For those who love bamboo and our BambuSSA mission and vision, but don’t have time and space to support getting involved with bamboo personally.

For the price of 2 cups of coffee a month you will keep our fires blazing gratefully.

Please contact us to motivate for discounted annual Class II membership.

In gratidute, will also be entitled to a vote on BambuSSA matters (Ts & Cs apply)

Commercial Bamboo Patrons

R150 Monthly or R1500 Annually

For those who love bamboo and are actively involved with supporting our BambuSSA mission and vision in bamboo cultivation, trade and educational environments.

For the price of a pizza and cheap red wine each month you will help aid peer reviewed research and development for using bamboo to uplift all citizens.

Please contact us to motivate for discounted annual Class I membership.

Commercial bamboo members will be entitled to 3 votes on BambuSSA matters. (Ts & Cs apply)

How We Do It

Through membership contributions received (including donations by members), the Society selectively is able to do Research & Development on all the aspects of bamboo as per our objectives.

During the process of determining the best practices for local bamboo that is also appropriate for both the environment and communities, BambuSSA identifies appropriate locations for setting up specific bamboo-based community projects.
These research projects are then monitored, and all relevant bamboo data collected is then processed into Absolute data using scientific methods and must, of course, confirm the basic trend in every case.
By continually improving the accuracy of the information on the effectiveness and the full impact of projects for providing annually updated best practice guidelines.
This bamboo data, specific to Southern Africa, is then shared on appropriate platforms and in workshops offered to members and the public.

BambuSSA Commercial Members

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